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Here are my trade lists:

Updated: December 2004


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My email: www.burzap@wanadoo.fr

Audio trading rules:

The trades are now in CDR. I of course transfer my old tapes on CD.

The tapes or DVD are not for sale. I only trade.

Please use real trade mark (TDK, Verbatim...) and don't copy more than X8

No high speed dubbing

We only send the CDs (no cases)

The quality of the sound goes from A: excellent to E: poor


Video trading explanations:

I now burn DVD in PAL and NTSC on demand
I can read them in any standard.

I can transfer the video tapes on DVD in any standard:

PAL into NTSC or NTSC into PAL


All my records are VHS Hi Fi,please use TDK EHG or same quality for the video tapes
The same request for DVD R.

I have tried to write down the quality of the frame and the sound :

(The last two letters of the lines ex: A/H or B/H....)

Frame goes to A: master to D: poor

Sound goes from H: Hi Fi to C: poor.

The quality of the frame and the sound can be different.

So far nobody has complained.


                                                Thank you